Artist Statement


Thus far in my artistic learning experiences, I've had the opportunity to work with many magnificent writers. These experiences have lead me to be able to feel free to expand the boundaries of my artistic mind so I can focus on what my poems are trying to say. I aim to make that happen in ways that compliment my unique voice as a writer and prompt dialogue and exchange among my readers.

As a teaching artist, I am particularly dedicated to unifying the community and raising health and cultural wellness through yoga integrated into the creative writing process.  In 2014 I began leading a course that does just that. The emphasis being on how through studying the way your body moves, then challenging your mind to move it beyond presumed physical boundaries, you can do the same for your mind when it comes to your own writing. Since yoga means β€œto join, unite, to yolk together,” it is my artistic goal for the near and distant future to be able to unify every aspect of my life into my art, so that it can truly manifest as the sacred form of itself in one-ness.

My current collection of poems works to demythify the mystical, particularly in regards to traditional African and Diasporic spirituality. These poems move from the present toward the future, with the past running concurrently alongside each seam. Through frequent interrogation and adaptation of persona, these poems seek to reaffirm the one-ness of multiple identities, most often in a way that leaves sole authority with the reader theirself.